Get to know us.

Passionate Marketing Experts

The Frenzy Marketing Group was born out of a desire to help local businesses tap into the fast-growing world of social media marketing utilizing low-cost methods such as Facebook advertising.  

Every day, more and more businesses are discovering the power that Facebook ads have to transform their marketing efforts and get those all-important customers queuing up to hand over their money!

My Approach

If you’re not aware now that social media marketing should be at the very core of your day-to-day business generation efforts, then what exactly have you been doing?! Facebook advertising alone has the possibility to transform your business overnight, by directly targetting the exact people who need your services. Fortunately for you our team of Facebook Ads experts are ready to help by not only reducing your currently monthly advertising spend, but providing a much larger ROI than Is possible on any other advertising medium. 

Our 6-D process

  • 01

  • Discover

    A phone call, Skype, text message or email.  Let's start by connecting however you feel comfortable.

  • 02

  • Define

    Tell us the problem that needs fixing.  It can be one big issue or several smaller ones.

  • 03

  • Design

    Let our experience take over and design a program that fits your needs and your budget.

  • 04

  • Develop

    Once a plan and budget is agreed upon, we develop the timeline and particulars of the plan.

  • 05

  • Deploy

    The fun begins as we start to execute and show you where the gains can be seen.  Hold On Tight!

  • 06

  • Deliver

    Our plan begins to show results.  We use specific reports to show you where the results are.